English Pronunciation Class

Live Online English Pronuncation Class to Improve Your Accent and Pronunciation

Would you like to pass an interview in English and get a better job or more employment?

Would you like to speak the general American accent, so you can have more paid opportunities and advance your career?

Would you like to pronounce English words and sentences clearly, correctly, and confidently, so that you are better understood by native English speakers?

Then, join my 12-week English pronunciation class from July 3, 2024 through Sept 18, 2024.

Course Summary

What is included in this pronunciation class?  

*You will learn the top 10 most important sounds for non-native speakers to master.

*You will have 12 live weekly (60 minutes) Zoom sessions with pronunciation coaching.

*You will receive personalized feedback from me, a university-trained native speaker and certified language teacher.  I will help you with pronunciation and spoken grammar.

*Each week during our virtual sessions, you will speak on interesting topics so that you can improve your communication and conversation skills.  

*You will receive engaging and effective at-home practice materials to reinforce what we learn in class.

*By practicing 10-15 minutes each day, you will make permanent improvement in your pronunciation and accent.  

*You will receive audio and video files for additional training between sessions.

Because this is a class, there are no refunds for missed sessions. However, you will have access to practice materials.

Classes are held each week

Wednesdays at 2:00pm OR 8:00pm EST (Your Choice)

Be sure to convert in your local time zone -- World Clock 


You will be able to improve your English pronunciation skills to an advanced level and boost your confidence in speaking English.


Are you ready to invest in yourself for a better future? Why wait?

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  "I love the way Aurelia teaches me English . . . . Since the first lesson I could notice my speaking skills improving because she corrects my pronunciation and also helps me to structure sentences correctly. Now, I feel more comfortable when I speak with native speakers. I totally recommend Aurelia's course." --JS

English Pronunciation Class

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  • 12-week live online program

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English Pronunciation Class

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